African stronger together poster canvas

African stronger together canvas wall art


Father’s day gift :

Tom McDowell true. Tom McDowell Exactly correct. In this democracy, long time ago they forgot to work for the interests of the people, now they work for the interests of a group with a lot of $$$$$, they can live for the next 500 years and the next 25 generations same quality of life as them, why do they want more?. Tom McDowell These old white Farts need to go – African stronger together canvas wall art EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG List of members of the United States Congress by longevity of service – Wikipedia. TERMLIMITS.COM Tired of Congress Making Decisions Against the American People?. Tom McDowell No politician would be elected unless the voters agreed with them… Texas. Pause GIF. Dark money IS the Deep State Money controls, power. We keep talking but nothing ever changes. Those in power will never do the right thing. They could care less about the main street people. Disgraceful & disgusting in this country. And this is the the set-up that republicans love and support! Big pharma owns most of them, I guess, or else they would want to help americans receive affordable medicines and health care. Time for backward ideas to be eliminated. Vote blue!

African stronger together poster canvas

3,000 people angry reacted to this post….how disappointing that so many hate the thought of American citizens receiving life saving care without going bankrupt . BuT cApItAlIsM lOwErS pRiCeS. IN New Zealand. Not only are the drugs (like Insulin) so expensive…….our government subsidizes crappy food including Big Sugar, soy, corn, wheat, and dairy farmers.. My employer sponsored health insurance has a $8,000.00 deductible with a $12,000.00 total out of pocket!!!. Barbro Jøtulhaug African stronger together canvas wall art And Norway; Uninsured rate: 100%. As a Canadian I find it sad that Americans cannot get healthcare easily or even prescriptions. JUST “GOOGLED”–How much does it cost to produce INSULIN??–& I am sure “they” are a little lower [because of TIME] than now –BUT it seems like it cost $2-$6 a VIAL!!–I have been “in business” over 50 years & things I sell for $30 cost me [average] $22-$26!!—& the “STUFF” I sell is “NOT ESSENTIAL”!!!–“INSULIN”– is ESSENTIAL!————–“PRICE GOUGING” [of an essential product]–YOU BET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!–GUESS it’s LEGAL???

African stronger together poster canvas


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