Baltimore Orioles Personalized Baseball Jersey Shirt


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A long campaign of several decades was waged by numerous fans and sportswriters to return the name of the city to the “away” jerseys which was used since the 1950s and had been formerly dropped during the 1970s era of Edward Bennett Williams when the ownership was continuing to market the team also to fans in the nation’s capital region after the moving of the former Washington Senators in 1971. Baltimore Orioles Personalized Baseball Jersey Shirt. After several decades, approximately 20% of the team’s attendance came from the metro Washington area.

Baltimore Orioles Personalized Baseball Jersey Shirt
An alternate uniform is black with the word “Orioles” written across the chest. They first wore black uniforms in the 1993 season and continue to do so since; the current style with the letters lacking additional trim was first used in 2000. The Orioles wear their black alternate jerseys for Friday night games with the alternate “O’s” cap (first introduced in 2005), whether at home or on the road; the regular batting helmet is still used with this uniform. In 2017, the Orioles began to use their batting practice caps for select games with the black uniforms. The aforementioned caps resemble their regular road caps save for the black bill.

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