Bank of dad happy father’s day mug

Bank of dad happy father's day mug


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Ruth Buffalo My frames broke Feb. 2021) , and eye doc’s office said rx was expired (my last eye exam was Dec 2019.) FOr multiple reasons, took me like 3 months to get eye exam. Then I was switched to different doc (they didn’t tell me) – he changed rx (nothing wrong with glasses I have now) – and didn’t really f/u with what previous doc had told me (which included possibility of referring for minor procedure (should have been Dec 2020.) I completed all paperwork prior to appt – they LOST the pages where I signed my life away for their pymt. They listed 3 options for exam (one included refraction) – and all included + out of pocket fee. I said – I’ll do whatever doc suggests (how do I know which one I need????) I think doc in 2019 refracted – this one didn’t. SAdly, I’m now stuck with result – because Medicare isn’t going to pay for another exam. A6lso means if there’s problem with glasses I’m going to have big hassle. I’d planned to go to Costco (60 miles away) to order glasses – but that’s 2 trips – and if this rx is wrong, that’s 4 trips. (sigh). What a mess. And I’ll skp the dental drama. Bank of dad happy father’s day mug

Bank of dad happy father’s day mug

David ShawAnother obvious statement. The word “should” says it all.2 . Aaron ShoreOne of the parties doesn’t appear to believe in democracy any more. Do we have any laws on the books that can defend it?3 . Antonio FahmeImagine if we innovate the system within the system. The one based on love of service and each other. It’s possible and I don’t wanna hear about Mitch that it didn’t happen.2 . Avi KilaziMr sanders I’m inviting you ond day sleep in israel and wait for the rockets to will shitiing in your pants we have the right to defense our self so if you don’t have something smart to say just don’t say … See More1 . Jaime GarciaAmerica ‘s answer to Socialism was to sell itself out to the highest bidder. 1 . Top FanKristine Brownlee HopkinsI thought that was the promise of the U.S. but all I have seen is greed, hate, racism.  Bank of dad happy father’s day mug

Bank of dad happy father’s day mug


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