Bingo queen flower all over print tote bag

Bingo queen flower all over print tote bag


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Maureen Short  · 1:01:07Love our Bernie from Vermont! He’s been fighting for a very long time and we see him around town! Mwah Bernie!!3 . Amanda Panda  · 7:19Bernie Sanders represents the best of the best!!!12 . Dorian Michélle Vrenden  · 3:17Medicare for all, in my heart! Gree. New Deal, do my part! Tax the rich, rip them apart!9 . Peter Evans  · 26:51I feel sympathy for people who watch this, and feel the need to attack these clearly decent, good people, and defend the utterly corrupted incumbents like Mitch McConnell. What a sad thing to do. 8 . Rick Nisser  · 6:36Why don’t you all rally and get rid of Mitch McConnell ?? If you were all voting he’d be gone by now. 6 . Niki King  · 50:05Bernie we need an elder care tax credit, many of us are caring for aging parents and it’s expensive. 9 . Eric Armstrong  · 47:19RESTORE THE ESTATE TAX. We know have an “elite aristocracy” of inherited wealth, thanks to Rep. efforts.5  Bingo queen flower all over print tote bag

Bingo queen flower all over print tote bag

Laurie Treacy  · 1:14:54You tell them Bernie! I love how you just tell it like it is. Everything you talk about is to the point. We need to fix what is broken. Health care, fare wages,3 . Amanda Panda  · 14:08No more pizza party prizes, we want retirement & pensions!!!6 . Anna Santacroce  · 56:24I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU, SENATOR SANDERS! YOU BRING JOY TO MY LIFE!6 . Marianne Richards Castiglia  · 53:15This man is the most selfless politician alive. 8 . Laura White Krome  · 37:20KY, let’s show the rest of the country how progressive the great state of KY really is!!!5 . Jane Anne Dickinson  · 53:40Bernie we need lifelong Council/ward leaders in power #grassrootpolitics xxx3 . Suzanne Farrington  · 26:25Love hearing this articulate man showing who he stands with. 4 . Lisa Jane Deutsch  · 26:55Articulate is micro aggression1 . Dorian Michélle Vrenden  · 0:40I like how Bernie laughs when Biden says his lines…..7  Bingo queen flower all over print tote bag

Bingo queen flower all over print tote bag


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