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It’s a hackneyed trope: the Week 1 overreaction, so common at this point that it’s almost self-aware. I should know, because I indulged in it the moment NFL football returned to my television screen. As one of the many analysts who were stunned that Josh Allen skyrocketed into the upper echelon of quarterbacking last year after his subpar early-career performance and deeply flawed draft profile, I had one thought in my mind when Allen’s Buffalo Bills struggled to move the ball against the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense: Buffalo Bills NFL Clunky Shoes. He’s come crashing back down to earth, and he’s landing right on a giant red panic button the size of metropolitan Buffalo.

I was drunk on football. Sober now, I still see some concerning phantasms of the Allen of old in his tape against the Steelers. He double-clutched the football in the pocket, lowered his eyes at the top of his drop, and squirmed under pressure. There were times I didn’t understand his thought process; there were others when I didn’t even believe he had one.

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