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Denver had long been a hotbed of Denver Bears / Zephyrs minor league baseball as far back as the late 19th century with the original Denver Bears (or Grizzlies) competing in the Western League before being replaced in 1955 by a AAA team of the same name. Colorado Rockies Personalized Blue Baseball Jersey Shirt. Residents and businesses in the area desired a Major League team.[6][7] Denver’s Mile High Stadium was built originally as Denver Bears Stadium,[8] a minor league baseball stadium that could be upgraded to major league standards.[7] Several previous attempts to bring Major League Baseball to Colorado had failed. In 1958, New York lawyer William Shea proposed the new Continental League as a rival to the two existing major leagues. In 1960, the Continental League announced that play would begin in April 1961 with eight teams, including one in Denver headed by Bob Howsam. However, the new league quickly evaporated, without ever playing a game, when the National League reached expansion agreements to put teams in New York City and Houston, removing much of the impetus behind the Continental League effort.

Colorado Rockies Personalized Blue Baseball Jersey Shirt

Following the Pittsburgh drug trials in 1985, an unsuccessful attempt was made to purchase the Pittsburgh Pirates and relocate them. However, in January 1990, Colorado’s chances for a new team improved significantly when Coors Brewing Company became a limited partner with the AAA Denver Zephyrs

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