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Trisha TortoliniEven Mexico has to prove voter id. 30 . Leigh Combes PhillipsIt is disgusting and unAmerican! What has happened to Republicans? What made them into the party of hate and repression?18 . Steve ElsassSo alllll these states are on the same page with all this…. yet you still think it’s NOT what the people want???? Bernie…. now you’re just pandering for the corrupt. Poor guy. 15 . Melodie BellagioThis needs to treated as treason, denying folks their right to vote is appalling. I don’t care which party, what issue, or where, if you have the right to vote, no one should be able to interfere!19 . Chalese FeltSo basically all states. What’s happening right now makes me sick. How Republicans can believe that their way is THE way and anyone who thinks differently is unAmerican so their vote should be harder to cast is beyond me. No words.156 . Bonnie MacEvoyLet’s require voter IDs to get and return a ballot, like we require IDs for buying alcohol, buying tobacco, driving, getting into a wedding, using a credit card, buying cannibus, and going to school. But I say we add to that list – buying weapons and buying ammo. Fair trade? 12  Cow classic cap

Cow classic cap

Thomas JackRepublicans know they have more power at the state level, so they use all their resources to gerrymander and win legislatures and governorships, then they weaken unions and their get out the vote effort by starving them of resources with right-to-freeload laws. They run the same cycle over and over until they have a stranglehold on the states and everybody is too busy working overtime living paycheck to paycheck to even think about voting, then they blame Democrats for not stopping them and pass additional voter suppression laws. They know they can’t win the votes of regular people, so they use those tactics to stay in power. And sadly, it is very effective and always will be until we get rid of Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin along with their sacred filibuster.39 . Sascha ZimmerWhat’s wron with Delaware Republicans? Don’t they love their great leader? However, I think there are no Republicans in Vermont…9  Cow classic cap

Cow classic cap


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