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It is not known when Tom settled into his domain outside the Old Forest, but of course he was already living there when the Third Age began, seeing the rise (and fall) of the realm of Angmar and its wars that led to the Barrow-downs being inhabited by evil spirits called Barrow-wights. He also saw the arrival of hobbits in the region that would become the Shire, which led him occasionally to interact with the little folk, mostly in Buckland. He eventually was named Tom Bombadil by the Bucklanders, which would become the name he adopted. Perhaps it was because of his contact with them that he had his cheerful and whimsical attitude.

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A tale says that Tom is challenged by various river-residents on his journey down the Withywindle to the Brandywine river where hobbits live at Haysend, including birds, otters and hobbits, but charms them all with his voice, ending his journey at the farm of Farmer Maggot, where he drinks ale and dances with the family. At the end, the charmed birds and otters work together to bring Bombadil’s boat home


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