I’m one of the 75 million flag

I'm one of the 75 million flag


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This is progress. We understand it’s not new jobs but people going back to work as a pandemic is ending. It is progress because people are safe to after vaccines.The economy is getting going again. We are far from where we were but on the right track.. Not a fair comparison but things are so much better all around, and a lot has to do with this administration.. I am so thankful we had a effective leader that knew what it took to get the vaccine developed and distributed. The success of reopening the country is due to the last administration!!!!!. Not really a fair comparison since comparing with pandemic I’m one of the 75 million flag You can’t really compare job growth during the Biden administration at all with the last year of Dumptys. What you CAN reasonably compare is how many cabinet members or advisors were removed for corruption in the same time period, first 5 months for Dumpty.

I’m one of the 75 million flag

Get involved with your state Democratic party. The GOP is an authoritarian movement and we must protect our country from the autocrats until they get the message that going down that path is not a rewarding electoral strategy.. A president with values and morals! Thank you!. This is a leadership that have the people’s interest at heart. Let’s face it, if the other person was in office, they’d be using the same data to their advantage. Just as Biden has taken the blame for things that happened beyond his control, so too should he reap the reward. Good for him.. What an incredibly irresponsible post. For any administration, for any political affiliation. Blatant data manipulation. Actually knowing a first world leader posted this is so unfortunate to see. Nothing to do with the last 3 months of the last admin were the worst 3 months of the pandemic, and arguably modern history. While the first 3 months of the new regime the pandemic is close to over. Be proud of your accomplishments. Be proud of the direction you want the country to go. Using this sort of data to sell a point? Pathetic. I’m one of the 75 million flag

I’m one of the 75 million flag


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