I’m one of the 75 million voted for trump flag

I'm one of the 75 million voted for trump flag


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Joe JoThat what keeps the country safe , and another of other country’s safe too21 . Sergey LyubarskyCut it in half and you have funding for schools, free colleges, free medicine and everything else. But no one will do it, too many folks making too many billions71 . Top FanJibreel BetheaAnd that’s why we will kick the crap out of the next 10 countries combined if they ever want 8 . Jobob  · FollowMake other countries pay their fair share!10 . Kane JacksonI just wanna know what we bought. If it’s 10 Iron Man suits and a Space Ship that can achieve light speed,money well spent. Another $500 hammer and Immma have to see some receipts. 11 . Dennis DunnWell if we reduce military spending, how are we supposed to enforce our agenda on other countries? Are we supposed to let them decide for themselves? 18 . Sarah Abu-rahméWhat’s happening in sheikh jarrah neighberhood?Israeli police forces are trying to evacuate the homes of Palestinian residentd in sheikh jarrah neighberhood. 500 Palestinians have been living in this place since they first opened their eyes. Ignoring … See More16  I’m one of the 75 million voted for trump flag

I’m one of the 75 million voted for trump flag

Erik Berggrenthere are (is) a shortage of trucker due to the last year of …um… “stuff”. That’s why the gas shortage.There is no real gas shortage.4 . Steven T. WinstonThere is no gas shortage.2 . Top FanBen HobbinsGODZ CHILD Brainwashing America’s next generationHow millions of school children are being indoctrinated in Marxist ideology In “1984,” George Orwell’s famous novel about a nightmarish future society, the main character Winston Smith runs afoul of th… See More5 . Johnathan RhodesGODZ CHILD my son did it for 10 min straight . I never seen a kid sqerm so much  . F.v. KarchGODZ CHILD Do you know how much money this man you are thanking you has stolen from you?1 . Regis RoseYep. On the indirect dole. That’s okay. We will make sure that these types don’t continue to bottom feed going forward. Because 1 . Nick D’Agostino It’s a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!503 . Bernie Sanders Fan ClubIt’s time we stand up for the working families of this country. The working families of this country have been exploited for far too long. Enough is enough. It’s time we create an economy and a government that works for all of our people and not just w… See More63  I’m one of the 75 million voted for trump flag

I’m one of the 75 million voted for trump flag


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