It’s miss ms mrs dr actually mug

It's miss ms mrs dr actually mug


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Pat ScherfCreate harsher penalties for crimes involving guns. 13 . Karen Thomas HeckerMight as well keep it at half mask until America wakes up and does something. 16 . Daniel LemleyWe don’t need more gun laws we need to have the ability to show adults and kids how guns work and how they protect our families. Also parents with guns need to keep them locked up better. But don’t forget our government is the ones creating these shoot… See More13 . Robert NugentPlease enlighten me on how this shooting could have been prevented with new legislation.8 . Musimenta RestyWe need our freedom in Uganda help us and arest museveni 0:00 / 0:416 . John BoscoUganda is bleeding silent genocide kidnaps torture killings abduction on daily basis4 . Jennifer Hogan TalleyGun legislation needs to be a priority!!4 . Roy MorrisMake all the laws you want to, but evil will always exist. Criminals don’t care and mental problems are still present. How about taking a hard look at some harsher penalties on all criminal acts and more precedence on mental illness. 3  It’s miss ms mrs dr actually mug

It’s miss ms mrs dr actually mug

Charles HarwellI don’t understand the flag at half mast for mass shooting victims. More people were murdered in Chicago this past weekend than in the San Jose murders and they didn’t get a half mast flag. It must just be for show. Can someone splain it to me. Thanks!… See More4 . Elizabeth GrahamSo what you are saying is that the more you infringe on the second amendment while relaxing punishment for crimes like these. The more people keep being murdered this way.3 . Constance WardWhat type of gun was used? This is appalling! GUN CONTROL is a MUST!4 . Mike KokoskyYeah crazy how all this mass shooting is happening under you in 4 months among other things , if joe Biden asked me how many people have to die before I let big government infringe on my right , I would answer all of them , molon labe 9 . Keith Blinn”Shall not be infringed.”6  It’s miss ms mrs dr actually mug

It’s miss ms mrs dr actually mug


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