Jesus christ and cow paint art poster

Jesus christ and cow paint art poster


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I can see why proponents of higher education approve of student loans(it justifies their incomes/money-making scheme, excesses going toward institutional building funds). It’s how they make a living… Happy yet? You’ve created yet another generation that’s in financial trouble that’ll need time to climb out of your strangling debt induced by the fallacy that everyone can afford higher education.. Now is the time to repeal the Former Spouse Protection Act.. The current GOP will NEVER cooperate for a better America, but they will spew out double-talk about that certainly.. So happy that a progressive message is returned to government with help from you, Bernie. Keep doing what you’re doing…’Our Revolution’. The problem with doing things on a hyperpartisan basis is that the other side doesn’t own the new programs at all and has no vested interest in seeing them succeed. In fact, they have an interest in seeing them fail. Makes future tinkering with , or amendments to the program impossible if you lose the total control of Congress you have now. Further, the Democrats don’t have control of every state and township in the country but still need the support of these lower ranked township supervisors and county commissioners to make the program what it could be. Jesus christ and cow paint art poster

Jesus christ and cow paint art poster

Toss the filibuster. We are very anxious that it doesn’t seem like there is any urgency watching Schumer. He my Senator and I’ve never been impressed.. I think you should first live in Canada and see what happens when you try to speak against the government like people do here. We have more freedom. We also have more freedom to choose. How is the answer to give government the power, particularly the Federal government? Get rid of the Corporate Tax rate and allow Americans to be free.. You’re allowed to be rich. Why not… but shouldn’t be allowed to pay slave labor wages in a rapidly advancing economy…but some have no choice but to work for the meager. A tax payer funded govt handout actually seems plus- worthy. Plausible… And it isn’t CAPITALISM when it’s necessary to cheat to be successful. Market manipulation. Lobbyists bribing government leaders. Suppression of organized labor. That is not free enterprise, that’s a hustle! Jesus christ and cow paint art poster

Jesus christ and cow paint art poster


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