Jesus with lovely Schnauzer dog poster



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Parenting is an important issue.So what is your take on parenting and what do you think what are the qualities required for becoming an ideal dad.. Hello Mark, Jesus with lovely Schnauzer dog poster there are people out there saying the that Facebook already existed before you, its name was MySpace. You did brought Social Media to a whole new level worldwide though (and that goes to your credit). My question is:. I have heard so many stories of stalkers and fake profiles harassing and scamming many users.For many people this is a major privacy concern that keeps them from sharing parts of their lives online. Are you planing any changes to make Facebook a more safe and friendly place ?. awesome Mark . God have his mission for you to unite the world by the Jews. We are very disappointed …We travelled 200 km today to come to see your Q&A at the luiss and now we are locked out side with our invitation in hand with some idiot who can’t even tell us why we can’t come in. We respected the times written on the invitation to perfection. We’re very disapointed and a little bit mad. We understand it’s not your fault but l think you should think twice about doing this again with the same organnizers who gave out.. Let people come in without invitations and people who had them thinking they were numbered leaving early this morning to see you being left high and dry.

Jesus with lovely Schnauzer dog poster

Hi mark .. Jesus with lovely Schnauzer dog poster Just noticed that Facebook lose the good thing in it Facebook was make us happy if we open it but now we see many commercial ..we was always ask how Facebook getting money but now we know.. hope Facebook stop this commercial.. thanks. Dear Sir How are you I want to say one thing. In the present era, with the advent of Facebook, everything seems to be easily available to us. We are grateful to you. Now the thing is that we will benefit more if we make arrangements so that no more than one Facebook ID can be opened. Sir, you have to open an account with national identity card and face photo. This will invalidate the invalid IDs.. When are you going to ban or investigate Pages on fb that promote kids for sex u refuse to acknowledge this serious issue and crime I have seen with my own eyes horrific images of babies and children being abused and sold for sex are you Blind because we see it and we see u do nothing ? Answer wait u never Answer do you you are no human ur soul is Darkness go to hell

Jesus with lovely Schnauzer dog poster


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