LV Louis Vuitton M4A1 Loaded Poster Canvas

LV Louis Vuitton M4A1 Loaded Canvas wall art


Father’s day gift :

worse than that, Bernie…we will regress to indentured servitude; and worse.. I keep thinking of how many families and individuals would be able to get off of public assistance with good paying jobs, medical care and day care.. Please consider taking the $300/wk unemployment funds and turning it into a $300/wk universal income for all.. We need to #LearnMMT. LV Louis Vuitton M4A1 Loaded Canvas wall art Professor Bill Mitchell: “An MMT understanding means that statements such as the ‘government cannot provide better services because it will run out of money’ are immediately known to be false.. It’s already happened. We are on an unstoppable crash and burn dive. Too bad. We only have ourselves to blame. It wasn’t that way in the fifties under FDR and Truman.. This could be easily sold if those that were deemed the top actually deserved those slots. A lot of those in the top percent ascertained their wealth unethically. But if our congressional member won’t hold those accountable and call them out on it, the vicious cycle will cease to continue.

LV Louis Vuitton M4A1 Loaded Poster Canvas

Amy Montero LV Louis Vuitton M4A1 Loaded Canvas wall art Bernie, democrats want republicans to win in the next election. It lets them continue to virtue signal and play the victim all while pleasing their corporate donors. Do nothing Dems.. Bernie Sanders please remind “all the Democrats” what happened after Obama. They lost the next elections no because he was a bad president, it was because the people who support them got tired of promises not fulfilled, some of them blocking items in the agenda. We got tired of them no supporting their own party agenda. So all those representatives who are no aligning, we need to get them out. We need unity. Why did we fight so hard to still depending in the other party? Democrats lack what the Republicans have…balls, get rid of the cowardly and end the filibuster now, so we can see results in this 4 years. So no count or wait for the next 4 because we learned with Obama. And please remind the president of his promise to students.

LV Louis Vuitton M4A1 Loaded Poster Canvas


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