Peace Love Jesus Poster

Peace Love Jesus Poster


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Mary Jill Underwood Reid  · 25:01Thank you President Biden for your thoughtfulness. Many appreciate the return of Thoughtful Governing. 15 . Anju Bakrania Lawlor  · 28:56Much prefer Biden’s voice how ever it maybe like a bed time story but it certainly beats the angry voice of No 4515 . Sabine Lacossiere  · 2:24I love you man! But please do something about student loans 11 . Lilla Sherwood  · 6:18Children should not have sent so much on living expenses. Should have applied loan money to school education only. . Robin Hoody  · 20:34DONE WITH BIPARTISANSHIP GO JOE GET YOUR PLAN GOING NOW SIR GO JOE!!16 . Hiroaki Nakanishi  · 6:49Please support the safe and secure Tokyo Olympic Game by your assistance of vaccines and COVID-19/its variants management.1 . Brant Coyle  · 22:51Not sure this goes to everyone subscribed unless you are active6 . Donna Lyman  · 2:58Dr Biden and Mrs Obama supported our military families so much! Grateful!25  Peace Love Jesus Poster

Peace Love Jesus Poster

Lisa Whalen  · 0:00Another idiot. 2 . Rebecca Lynn  · 2:34This man can’t talk on his own needs help great man to have run our country wow 12 . Bones McNeill  · 4:30No he has it in simple english so retards like you can understand5 . Frank Abeyta  · 27:33military service should be required to run for federal office7 . Jodi Warner  · 13:13Never apologize your son was a hero am so sorry for your loss it’s unimaginable 13 . Dale E. Williams  · 23:58Such a wonderful contrast from our last president. And one who we can relate to, and hold in high regard…19 . Timothy Tucker  · 23:02″tRump-ism” the modern “Nazi-ism”. Fight it like your life and our country depend on it. It Does! tRump and his “Brown Shirts”.20 . Nancy Boland  · 17:59So happy to see our President and First Lady honoring out military !12 . سمير البعداني صنعا  · 1:46Wow!! I love his stories. They actually have meaning and compassion.7  Peace Love Jesus Poster

Peace Love Jesus Poster


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