Rigged 2020 45th is still my president flag

Rigged 2020 45th is still my president flag


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Let’s get rid if long-time politicians and their pay big paychecks. No wonder DC is so hot in the summer, all those hot air polictoes. Go to term limits.. Now, Biden, now congress! You ‘ve been nice & wanting to playing with others, but they have refused to even share the toys let alone engage for the betterment of the country. Rigged 2020 45th is still my president flag When will these 2 year olds be relieved of office.. Yes, use reconciliation…the R’s had no problem using it when they passed the $2 Trillion tax cuts for the wealthy. People want action not obstruction…pass this info onto Manchin and Sinema.. And Bernie, what are we going to do with Manchin and Sinema, Republicans in heart, disguised as Democrats. another pair of obstructionists joining Mitch to derail our sacred Agenda to fight for the millions of Americans severely impacted by the horrific Trump administration.. Yes and 100% of our focus should be on our agenda to help American people. Do you understand that Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema, we need your support to pass the infrastructure legislation and to End the Filibuster. This is your opportunity to Help American People don’t waste it.

Rigged 2020 45th is still my president flag

Actually, it appears they are making it harder to cheat. Sounds reasonable.. Nothing screams democracy like preventing people from voting…. All this in reaction to a fair and free election where the outcome was undeniable? Come on people. Wake up. Christopher Bruce Davies. Yes, and each state must defeat these voter suppression bills in their respective states. Use whatever legislative tools are available to defeat voter suppression bills. . These,”Good ole Boys,” are trying to bring the 60’s back. 2021 here, which should encourage those people of color who have not voted, to get registered, and acquire ID’s!!! Nothing must stop us! We need our black men to get on board!!!. Martin Lopez. Nope.. states have rights to control their election.. you wanna live in Soviet Union .. go there. You push Socialist ideas. The only ones that benefit is the Democratic political Party. How is ID a suppression?. I fear we have too many corrupt members of Congress Rigged 2020 45th is still my president flag

Rigged 2020 45th is still my president flag


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