Shih Tzu Car In The Sunflower Field Flags

Shih Tzu Car In The Sunflower Field Flags


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Endless blaming of the Republicans for doing either nothing or even more privatizing. Whatever funds they eventually appropriate will go directly to finance, consulting, and other corporate entities.. I can’t believe we’re still discussing negotiating with a terroristic political party.. Maureen Haley. Government spending was tried before and failed miserably. They will always ask for more, until they have all power and transform us into beggars of a big state.. Paychecks have only inched up since Reagan. The American Jobs Plan will rebuilt America and provide jobs for WOMEN as well as men, which previous infrastructure bills did NOT.. These quibbling as democrats need to stop being children, grow up, tell the republicans to go to hell, and pass the damn bill.. Union jobs…… If they are not going to eliminate the filibuster they should AT LEAST eliminate the PROCEDURAL filibuster. If McConnell or Schumer were required to hold the floor and maintain a quorum rather than merely threatening a filibuster and go home – there might be a little less bluster and more progress. Revert back to the previous format if you think it’s something to maintain at all Shih Tzu Car In The Sunflower Field Flags

Shih Tzu Car In The Sunflower Field Flags

What the hell are we waiting for. Why are we neglecting our roads and bridges and infrastructure in the first place! Are waiting for Chinese to do it for us.. The reason states aren’t taking care of their infrastructure, is because they’re waiting for you to make it free. Shih Tzu Car In The Sunflower Field Flags It will never be free.. Brilliant man who always thinking about the welfare of the low and middle income working people especially those who in need of basic needs he’s a better president for America I think very honest so many rich people hate him well his ideas. Thanks to Sen Bernie Sanders. Truly he could prioritized & figure out what we really need to do now. This will open up enough scope for job seekers. More the delay shall imply more financial requirements. So,. sorry to see the President cave in on the tax breaks. The Republicans will not vote for any bill no matter what you compromise. Once aagain I am disappointed that nothing will ever get done.

Shih Tzu Car In The Sunflower Field Flags


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