Star Wars Dark Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt


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The mission begins when Glorfindel, along with a few Lorien Warriors, make their way to Rivendell to warn Arwen Undómiel of the approaching Goblins. Along the way, they encounter and slay many Goblins, which is disturbing because Goblins have never been sighted this close to Rivendell before. Star Wars Dark Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt. Once making his way to Elrond, Glorfindel warns him of the approaching Goblins. In response, more warriors are trained in Barracks to repel the assault. After waves of Goblins, a Cave Troll, and a Mountain Giant attack and fail to break the Elven defenses, Arwen arrives with Rivendell Lancers and Lorien Archers.

Star Wars Dark Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt

Eagles also join the fight. With these new forces, the Elven leaders direct the Elves to destroy the Goblin camp. Under Glorfindel’s sword, no Goblins survive and the camp is destroyed. A Wyrm appears, but Glorfindel repeatedly strikes at it, and the combined efforts of the Elves bring the Wyrm down, leaving victory with the Elves.

Star Wars Dark Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt

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