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In 1977, Volvo tried to combine operations with rival Swedish automotive group Saab-Scania, but the latter company rejected it.[7] In the 1970s, French manufacturer Renault and Volvo started to collaborate.[15] In 1978, Volvo Car Corporation was spun off as a separate company within the Volvo group[16] and Renault acquired a minority stake,[7] before selling it back in the 1980s after a restructuring.

Volvo Fleece Leather Jacket

Volvo Fleece Leather Jacket 1

In the 1990s, Renault and Volvo deepened their collaboration and both companies partnered in purchasing, research and development and quality control while increasing their cross-ownership. Renault would assist Volvo with entry-level and medium segment vehicles and in return Volvo would share technology with Renault in upper segments. In 1993, a 1994 Volvo-Renault merger deal was announced. The deal was barely accepted in France, but it was opposed in Sweden, and the Volvo shareholders and company board voted against it.[7][15] The alliance was officially dissolved in February 1994 and Volvo sold off its minority Renault stake in 1997

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