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Welcome just kidding please go home doormat


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So Glad my state is not on this list, plus we just passed a law to make sure people can vote by mail, Love my state, born and raised here, and will never leave,. People have a right to vote some of the republicans need to leave office and let the people get some good republicans in office. Pat Malone. What’s wron with Delaware Republicans? Don’t they love their great leader? However, I think there are no Republicans in Vermont…. Republicans know they have more power at the state level, so they use all their resources to gerrymander and win legislatures and governorships, then they weaken unions and their get out the vote effort by starving them of resources with right-to-freeload laws. They run the same cycle over and over until they have a stranglehold on the states and everybody is too busy working overtime living paycheck to paycheck to even think about voting, then they blame Democrats for not stopping them and pass additional voter suppression laws. They know they can’t win the votes of regular people, so they use those tactics to stay in power. And sadly, it is very effective and always will be until we get rid of Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin along with their sacred filibuster. Welcome just kidding please go home doormat

Welcome just kidding please go home doormat

“It can’t be that easy.” Welcome just kidding please go home doormat Those are the words of a former Trump official who now leads the right-wing Heritage Foundation. During a closed-door meeting, she was bragging about suppressing the vote to their big-money donors. And there’s a video to prove it. In battleground states like Georgia, Arizona, Iowa, Texas, and Florida, the Heritage Foundation has hand-drafted voter suppression laws to restrict mail ballot drop boxes, prohibit distribution of mail ballot request forms, and usher us into a new Jim Crow era. Donald Trump’s Big Lie and conspiracy theories about the 2020 election have enabled and emboldened conservative zealots to attack our democracy — but that doesn’t change this one simple fact: People are on to them and are sick and tired of their antics. We see the corrupt effect their big money has on our elections. And this purposeful voter suppression is the newest attempt to further silence voters. Above all else, they are afraid. Democracy reform is immensely popular. And that’s why groups like the Heritage Foundation are fighting so hard to keep us from achieving it. The Heritage Foundation has committed to spending over $24 million during these next two years to gain control of state legislatures, shut out voices, and defeat Democratic members of Congress to stop us from passing H.R. 1.

Welcome just kidding please go home doormat


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