GSOR 1008 – Out of the Box Terminator: over 1200 damage in 6 seconds.


GSOR 1008 – Out of the Box Terminator: over 1200 damage in 6 seconds.

Tier VIII has a new dangerous hunter

Can even hunt

GSOR 1008

Where such confidence? Just look at the characteristics of the 105mm AT GUN L7A1. Penetration with a basic projectile of 226 mm, this is enough for most classmates by the eyes, and for hunting thick-skinned rivals there are sub-caliber ones.

Such projectiles are capable of penetrating 321 mm armor.

But the GSOR 1008 makes the 4-round drum-type autoloader a deadly predator. Recharge inside the drum in just 2 seconds. That is, in 6 seconds, this tank destroyer produces an average of 1280 damage.

Will hit the enemy in the hatch.

Another nice feature of the 105mm AT GUN L7A1

On sub-caliber projectiles, whose flight speed is 1411 m / s, this is a real laser. We add a 360-degree rotating tower to the piggy bank of advantages and almost complete absence of scatter when it is turned

Can take a hit.

Tank destroyers with a decent weapon do not always have good armor, and if there is one, then you have to sacrifice mobility

GSOR 1008

The top of the turret is protected by 152mm armor, and you can rightly point out that this is not much. But here another trump card of our tank destroyer comes into force.

Combat rules GSOR 1008.

The choice of equipment for the GSOR 1008 is determined by your playing style. If you are used to acting actively on the battlefield, Bonda Clothes Sellers then the following set will do: Improved turning mechanisms, Improved aiming drives and Improved ventilation.