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3 oppositions strike this deal will be a chaos to the country. No solid foundation to lead the nation. Prepare for the rough ride!. For as long as it won’t change Palestine – Israel relations it’s not breaking news at all!. he’ll sure come back reenergized to keep Israel at peace with great prosperity. Lawrence Masemola. This post reminds me of a A book a day keeps the people away mug Psychiatric patient I ever encountered He kept on taping, taping. Congratulations. Anthonia Lyttleton. The coalition of opposition parties will not last. Coming next the new Israel election.. Romans 10:17. Israel’s a genocidal apartheid state. It uprooted the indigenous population through terrorism and Jewish supremacy and it continues to ethnically cleanse non-Jews. Every opinion you form of the country and the colonisers that live there, their leaders and their murdering military should be founded upon these facts.. Ethnic cleansing continues in #Sheikh_Jarrah and #Silwan. It’s noteworthy that since 1967, Israel has stripped more than 20,000 Palestinians of their residency status in Jerusalem. Indigenous Palestinian Jerusalemites can lose their residency status if they live abroad more than 3 years. They can also lose residency for working in the West Bank, or marrying someone from the West Bank, or deemed as a “threat” to Israel’s security. #IsraeliCrimes #savelifta #savesheikhjarrah

A book a day keeps the people away mug

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Welcome to Florida.. Video games and American gun culture.. Real life “The end of the f***ing world” characters. Peters corner parents not allowed to discipline their children,. Is it such a shock/surprise? . The break down of values, lying lying by leaders about any and everything just to get elected. Conspiracy theories, gun culture and breakdown of human decency that keep the social fabric together. These are the symptoms.. Since probability of Police officers abuse their power for sex and bribe , and make up stories to cover up their crime isn’t low ; we’ll never know ‘ the truth ‘ untill some women organisation or a team of psychologists manage to talk with the girl…. Errr when your people think it is right for citizens to own and use weapons on one another in the name of rights and freedom.. You think them finding gun and shooting at officers is the crazy part, wait till America charges them with a crime and lock them up.. A book a day keeps the people away mug

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