Ballerina God says you are canvas


Both always give their best in every game they play.. Grealish is a savage and a constant threat in the game and in front of the microphones around the pitch when decisions don’t go his way. When Pogba decides to play for the badge he becomes extraordinary. His passings, marking and attacks were excellent. He contributed in the first goal, created the penalty for the second. Lets appreciate Pogba for once, he is our MOTM. That feeling is b… See more. Alex Macca. Lungile Majola. Boris Lin. Just felt Pogba or Bailey should be MOM contenders . Without taking away credit from Fernandez… sharing the spoils creates a stronger comradeship and Team spirit, and could eventually spur each individual to outperform each other.. thus creating a “ … See more. Pogpa played so well in this game, definitely a duo with Bruno. Ballerina God says you are canvas It has a good chance to get score.. The opposing goalkeeper trained from shaoline soccer I guess, what a performance

Ballerina God says you are canvas

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Win at a very important time, and we have to improve performance and play with more combat.. Ali Misbahu. Kieran Levi. Chandrakant Patil. Really hope we always play well and get the trophy of EPL . The REAL photo of the day. Labille its getting back to his best . Nice to see him playing with a smile and enjoying his football. Finally the recognition he rightfully deserves. & I don’t mean that like he proved anyone wrong. He is a baller he is a . Its gd he finally playing good recently… But probly because a top team can buy him he only cares about himself. Chiemela Chukwu. Man was literally everywhere…….the media didn’t have much to say about his hair. He has always been outstanding ever since you don’t talk much about him because he is not an English player… stop the sentiment and favoritism…. That was an exciting game by a “You should have bought me” performance by Grealish and a “We don’t need to buy Grealish” performance by Man United. Ballerina God says you are canvas

Ballerina God says you are canvas

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