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good day for everyone else it was an enjoyable race this week Bank of dad Happy father’s day mug hope to see great races like today in the future. It says so much about his personality how he throws his team under the bus when it’s their fault and now it’s a small error “we” made.. I like this Hamilton much more then the calculated one, this is what a true racer is and that comes with mistakes and crashes, so what. Happy to see this two amazing drivers driving for the championship. Let’s hope Leclerc can join them . It was great to see him go off I have never cheered so much Pause GIF GIPHY. It was great to see that podium today. Checo, Vettel and Gasly. . People who are blaming max for have a very emotional reaction after his crash need to give there heads a good shake, if you have never failed at something you work incredibly hard for I can understand you not understanding how that would weigh on a competitor. Hamilton mistake was all him not a tire issue max barely even broke a sweat this race Hamilton couldn’t even challenge Perez its sad for the “world’s best” all Hamilton “rare” mistakes are happening more and more often must not be so easy not having the best car on the circuit anymore and relising he has always just been a mediocre driver in terms of f1 drivers in an amazing car, he is falling apart.

Bank of dad Happy father’s day mug

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Poor excuse. He simply tried to outbreak Perez in the sprint for the first corner and left it too late. Simple as that. Driver error. Man up Lewis and admit you made a mistake under pressure.. Sir Lewis with your experience 18 points would felt like a win! So you might took to much risk for the 25 points. Afterworths its easy talking but i dont care.. sorry but i am happy that Max isnt the only one who scores 0 points. Blaming all the time his team Bank of dad Happy father’s day mug Despite how many records brake with them. Now this mistake by him.. It’s called Karma… . Even a champ makes mistakes. Today was just one of those days. Schumacher, Senna and all those other F1 legends have had it in their race careers. Best day in F1’s history. “Bono, my brakes are gone…”. But Toto said it wasn’t an error… it was a “finger issue”!

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