Baphomet and women shirt, long sleeve tee and sweatshirt


M D ViraniNot only do you rise to the next higher stage by controlling the mind and sense,you can reach the highest goal just by the right use of the mind and the senses.You can reach the supreme goal where there is complete self-fulfilment .This is the removal … See more19 . Top fanApsarajiWHO knows, DAILY ANNOUNCED that the COVID_19 virus DISEASE REMOVED from the WORLD CITIZENS SAFETY OURS children SAFETY OURS MASKS SAFETY OURS health care11 . Margaret NelsonJust remember folks that if your not exposed to normal germs etc your immune system is weakened… If your not out in the sunlight your immune system is weakened, wearing a mask is actually very unhealthy for your repiratory system. Far out sounds like… See more156 . Tony MilliganThe WHO is not here to provide real health advice  . Edith SteynWHO , yeah , clean hands with what water, what a joke in our part of the world ,we have NO water most of the times through this whole pandemic. Sad part is no one cares. 74  Baphomet and women

Baphomet and women shirt, long sleeve tee and sweatshirt

Baphomet and women long sleeve tee

Samantha HowardI can’t wait to be vaccinated because of my immune system I’ll die if I get the virus161 . Vanessa Van LoehoudAnd if I weren’t sick the past 2 years from any kind of disease can I choose individual also to not being vaccinated??26 . Simon Munyao MuthiniI think we are making a big mistake when vaccinating our doctors and our teachers. The medicine should be first be given to the most useless people in the world ie the politicians165 . Shawn Vidali-WillsWell i am not in favor of the Mrna shot which is dangerous and many people are having severe side effects. Check out the medical reports being buried and censured on App Telegram on chat MRNA death toll30 . Jeff JeffersIf I remember rightly, the chief medical officer(uk) said ages ago that ‘herd immunity’ wouldn’t work because it would only last 3 months. After that your open to the virus again.61  Baphomet and women

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