Beware Of Your Cat Bleached T-shirt


Karen Heinrich BennettI honestly did not think we would be vaccinated before mid-summer if the former guy had been re-elected. Thank you, scientists,for creating the vaccine and thank you, President Biden, for distributing it so efficiently.16 . Virgil CarrollWhy can’t Trumpeters realize he is gone. His type of leaders are not needed. His legacy should go done in history as a want to be dictator. He came close to creating a civil war that has got to be calmed down.15 . David IannacconiStop referring to Joe Biden as president…clearly someone else is running country19 . John LaFleurDear The White House You continue to spread lies and deceit. The American people know the truth and will give credit where credit is due! Thank you President Donald J. Trump for setting up the next administration and the American people for success. We… See more12 . Floyd OrmsbeeAgain, thank you President Trump for putting everything in place so they could try to steal the credit. Not to worry, the entire country knows the truth – whether or not they will admit it. 13  Beware Of Your Cat Bleached T-shirt

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Beware Of Your Cat Bleached T-shirt

Elaine LudewigThank you President Trump for getting this all going ,so Resident Biden can use the vaccine to get the credit.13 . Mark CiceroHow many will be vaccinated by April 19th? Doesn’t help the priority groups to make everyone eligible when the priority groups aren’t done being vaccinated yet. It just makes it harder for the priority groups to get an appointment. 9 . Gilly Morris13 . Angie WoodPretty dang sure he isnt the one that is making that happen! The individual states are13 . KT ForsheeWhat’s really going on at our borders??12 . Jeff AndersonI trust gas station sushi more than you Joe. 15 . Morris KnowlesWill we be able to use our “vaccination passport ” as a voter ID?14 . Bassimah Al-AyoubiI wish President Biden well in his work as he face the challenges ahead….17 . Joni BrennanThank you to Former President Trump for getting us the vaccine in WarpSpeed! You will always be the People’s President!11  Beware Of Your Cat Bleached T-shirt

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Beware Of Your Cat Bleached T-shirt

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