Bigfoot colorful hawaiian shirt


Oyks MgwebaIt’s all clear guys if you want Pogba to be extraordinary on the pitch he just needs a hair cut 41 . Wieklief Uchieng NgwangHe is a good man.. I’ve been following since that game he played against Westham… He just needs support as other players, he has been a good boy14 . Top fanNtshwedi MotloungPogba is a talent no debate on that… as for character and attitude at times that can be put on the table for discussion5 . Gedion GediHe get criticized most often but he’s been brilliant. Let’s praise him as well. 14 . Kipru HillaryStop it !!! Let us finish the game. He has got good game,should be selfish on the box..he got same chance than the rest to score8 . Rol BandaVery Good performance from pogba. Very influencial.51 . Kenny OlalekanManchester United best signing of the last decade 21 . Phil GaleNo one actually seeing it for what he is. Start playing well a month before the transfer window opens to so he increase his chance of getting out. Then when it doesn’t happen he goes back to not giving a fcuk and being lazy. Same thing for the past 2 y… See more6  Bigfoot colorful hawaiian shirt

Bigfoot colorful hawaiian shirt

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Top fanKashina Kashina JohnsRashford busy looking for a goal because martial has scored and not minding others6 . Jerry OgindoPogba is just brilliant and those goons saying pogba out should re think and style up just look at his consistency this season.That boy is good guys5 . Chan Myae Kyaw NaingPual Come back.50 . Ali HoxhaPogba is an exceptional player, he just needs to be more ambitious.10 . Shane NorburnBeen very critical of pogba but tonight he was outstanding keep that standard Paul 15 . Emmanuel MunenePogba is getting back to his default settings 18 . Saleh BelnandezLiverpool On Top Of The Table Is Like An Elephant On A Tree8 . Declan CarrAnother quality game but you won’t hear that because of the agenda against him4 . Top fanPrince HunterSee how pogba plays when ever he isn’t playing in the defensive midfield position.5 . Colm BegleyI think he has an agreement to go in the summer plays well until then gets his move to real Madrid and man utd get good money for him (I could be wrong)3  Bigfoot colorful hawaiian shirt

Bigfoot colorful hawaiian shirt

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