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Vote Blue in 22. To these capital domestic terrorists, blue lives matters unless they happened to be the capital police force.. Why is there no mention of the hunter biden, hillary clinton, john kerry investigations?!. CNN is the one who needs to be probed real hard. Just make sure pence is there telling his part , because the last time I saw secret service move that fast is when Ragan was in office.. Kevin McCarthy is Trump’s mouth piece …standing on Trump lies and demogogery The man has no moral being within him …. Republicans are riding a tiger, can’t wait to see them fall off. Republicans representatives in the senate are blinded by Trumpians/Trumpism ..and nothing else matter … how can anyone stand and defend WHITE LIES Former President Trump brags on … Mcconell on his see-saw trash of lies Blue truck power stroke diesel mug Trump will erase American democracy and becomes a dictator Even now Election laws are being amended ensure Republicans and Trump victory…

Blue truck power stroke diesel mug

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Trump is still Svengali. When you live in a fantasy world everyone wants to believe. Counting him out would be wrong. He will anger people and get them riled up to support the big lie, putting him back in Air Force 1 for golf transportation. Brie Rose Thanks for supporting TERRORISTS like JOE Hamas BIDEN . Brie Rose #ImpeachBidenandHarris Democrats are destroying this country and this liberal media is GARBAGE. Brie Rose Blue truck power stroke diesel mug You live in fantasy world.. YOUTUBE.COM Netanyahu’s fiery speech has a message for the world and a plan of retaking. Brie Rose You do know when the new air force one is finished trump will try and get his cult to buy the old one to fly him around. George Zijstra . Another one still scorned over a refusal to grab it.. Trump will have my vote. Again!. Republicans are very dangerous deceived corruct hipocricy party, Donald clown is a leader of organized insurrección !!!

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