Brown alpaca hawaiian shirt


How about we listen to science experts and not spoiled children…… Cannot understand why media is givng so much of importance to this half cooked knowledge girl. She behaves as if she is expert in all the fields. Over rated kid..India have many great persons who dedicated their whole life for environment, grown forest(jadav payeng)..but its all about marketing..they are unknown for world and this little kid is popular… Why are we listening to a child that clearly leans to the left ???????????. Anyway, I support the movement that Greta have started. It is always needs to support when there is issue of equity. Go ahead Greta.. so she’s an expert on everything now? . Why is this little person someone that should be considered an authority?. It’s a child !. Let her grow up as normal kid, the hat is too big for her. She did not just appear by chance. There are powerful people behind her pushing her buttons. Brown alpaca hawaiian shirt

Brown alpaca hawaiian shirt

Brown alpaca hawaiian shirt - Picture 1

Maybe thats what its all about, climate change.. Go away Greta. What the heck do you know about vaccines? Go and get a job and grow up!. Once she gets a valid degree from valid University, I may consider listening to what she says, but until, grow up and get a job.. Time she went to school and learnt to think for herself instead of being a puppet…!!!!. And she is who? Oh yes, a little girl who knows NOTHING. What she says and does doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.. She just screams and yells but no efforts put by herself…..not a role model set for society. So we should take advice from a child about our health. Population control!. Always those with their nasty comments. Good god people stop with the hate.. This is a child we are talking about, who stood up and read a speech someone else likely wrote for her. Brown alpaca hawaiian shirt

Brown alpaca hawaiian shirt

Brown alpaca hawaiian shirt - Picture 2

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