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It’s so overblown this was staged so the establishment could call it an insurrection.. Where’s all the Guns, and Murder charges??. Vast majority exercising their right to political speech yet getting tracked down by the new gestapo. According to Rachel Maddow, the public has identified a lot of people….even one that attacked a police officer. They have his name, him admitting to it over the phone to a journalist and all………but the guy to this day has not been picked up or … See more. Can we get an update on the investigation into Hunter Biden?. What about the looters and riot partakers?! Why don’t you do something about all the other things while you’re at it?! Use our money wisely instead of continuing on the same path of uselessness!. Looks like the FBI is after tourists rather than the folks who burned DC last summer.. Camp out at all the Texas roadhouses and I’m sure he’ll enter within a few days. Cardinal I can only imagine poster

Cardinal I can only imagine poster

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James AdamsI keep thinking that the professionals in the FBI are going to clean up the FBI. And why the FBI keeps neglecting its upkeep is a continuing source of mystery for me. For some time, I thought that the lack of accountability had to be because of the ove… See more2 . Earl M. Frazer Jr.YEP. you can have it all: LIE with IMPUNITY…. FALSE STATEMENTS with IMPUNITY…. yep…..11 . Neil WhitesellFederal judges and agents are being attacked recently. Dosent seem like a safe career. . Min Treinkmanoh really,how about hunter biden laptop case?5 . Ricky L Johansen Jr.If I was working there that insurrection would not have happened to begin with; that my FBI folks, is how I roll.2 . Tamara Rollins KapperDream or nightmare, you decide….1 . Brian McCueIs there a cutoff age I must stop dreaming?2 . Jesse ChienSounds way too charming What’s the catch . Matthew Charles HelanderThat’s really getting married to work   Cardinal I can only imagine poster

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