Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt


Linda PereraHey look Joe wore his new suit to work today36 . Josh RyanI’m surprised it wasn’t sheep in this promo. Masks for all15 . Jeffrey LofyComical, but it fits the administration 61 . Kathy PoyerThis is how a ‘devout Catholic’ celebrates Easter?25 . Julie Winchester JenkinsWith a mask? Even more ridiculous! 24 . Richard J MertensOmg What the fuck is wrong with this whole thing ? 27 . Micha SchellhaasBrainwash is on hard today, bunny with a mask… wow!!!!48 . Jeff LoweryHmmm wasn’t Easter on Sunday?19 . Elizabeth DefreestMost stupidest thing I saw besides the Joe going into the WH51 . Sherry SnyderWith a mask on.?.. you are jokes . Stop the nonsense already.37 . Steve KalonomosBut Biden can’t bring the name “Jesus”.25 . Sharrell ShawThe mask though… Where’s PETA on this?16 . Lisa AnneVirtue signaling. What a joke 30 . Brandi StoneDid the bunny go visit the children at the border?? I’m sure they didn’t get to celebrate this Easter. 16  Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt

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Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt

Rebecca OrrIs this the dumbest thing ever put out as propaganda 32 . Garridan AllenYou wanna explain to the American people how a bunny suit wouldn’t transfer bacteria (or a virus) when walking around high fiving?19 . Mike DoughtyBut ………. did Joe think it was a “Furry” and try to molest it ?16 . Ekim SiwelDid the bunny have to show id to enter?20 . Janet SmithTo bad there was not the traditional Easter Egg Roll Celebration at the White House.20 . Geraldine DowningSo sweet!Happy Easter!22 . Amy Brode MoscatoIs this for real or is this an SNL skit????? 38 . Debbie KaySo. Are they sending the rabbit to the border. Or is for a kindergarten class.? This was so off and odd 13 . Cynthia Fredell WillisHop down to the border and take a look 30 . Shawn RussI bet the Easter bunny answered more questions than the president20  Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt

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Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt

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