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My beloved one we Look forward to the time when no one will say am sick .according to Isaiah 33:24.may Jehovah continue to strengthen the people living with cancer and their families.. I wrote a paper on treating cancer diseases and how I was able to submit to a scientific library where I am assured of its usefulness and aims my knowledge can help me. We hope if any child is cause cancer they will get well soon.. And some insurances and pharmacies will not pay for medications that are expensive, google Neutropenia and Neupogen.. Samira Anis. Gail Bauer. My prayers to all the children affected cancer to recover soon & lead a normal life. WHO needs to be restructured to regain credibility.. I have freckles my papsi has too it’s not cancer!. If god was real, and benevolent, childhood terminal illness would not exist.. Maybe quit polluting the earth, the air, and the water—? Chihuahua lavender

Chihuahua lavender shirt, long sleeve tee and sweatshirt

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The WHO seems to spread fear.Fear + Covid 19 is equal to death. Chihuahua lavender I don’t see the importance of this organization.. Okay,it’s good to advice us.we was very minded because we’ve never seen a sean which asks many things such distanciation,staying home …if there wasn’t any instructions,most of us could,i mean,pass away.we thank every one who sacrified himself to save… See more. Exercise- super important! Obesity is the common denominator in Covid deaths. Also with the virus attacking lungs exercise strengthens them. Eating fruits/veggies improves immunity to all illnesses.. My stress comes directly from the, WHO and Our Government with their constant incompetence and lies. I wonder what will come out next election year? it wouldn’t surprise me if our own government had their pinky in it somehow.. Using wired communications is far better for one’s mental health than wireless technologies scientific studies clearly indicate.. how could anyone (besides the trudope) trust anything this PRC puppet organization spreads about

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