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Ryan NellisThose things that have hurt little ones and everything haven’t been suffering for 12 years . Ryan NellisIt’s not me walking towards it or if I get on it. . Craig HellmanAgent D.Wu let me down  . Kimmy PearlWhens the fbi going after antifa, didn’t they just burn down a FEDERAL courthouse in Portland, Oregon??? Why the media blackout??1 . Hussein SobanHow much a tip? . Blou HondWhere’s Hunter?6 . Leo PerkFinished with Hunters laptop?5 . Ben WhiteThe Capitol Siege was a violent bloody failed coup d’etat. Anyone claiming otherwise is blinded by the culture war and not living in reality. Officers sustained traumatic brain injuries, cracked ribs, broken backs, eye injuries, stabbings and even dea… See moreTWITTER.COMCleavon MD on TwitterCleavon MD on Twitter28 . Ching J LeighHe probably came with that Antifa Leader that was also caught on film at the capitol . Michael McCreeI was involved and I dare y’all to attempt to come where I reside it will be the end of whoever you send and the agent that sent them  Coffee personalized prescription mug

Coffee personalized prescription mug

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Debra NixGood job! Now, that equal justice under the law, thing..other cities are under attack by anti-government domestic terrorists. 20 . Sandy SandsProsecute to the fullest extent of the law. These terrorist are evil. And we the people need protection from these evil murderers. Stealing his badge and buried it in his back yard. Very disturbing individuals. 7 . Carole Hert-RizzieDid you know people are attacking a federal building in Portland? Are you trying to stop it and arrest them? There are photos on FB.76 . Paul MarshallClean em up all guys…and thank you FBI and DOJ. . Trisha LindseyBring them all to justice. The punishment for Terrorism and a Coup attempt should be serious imprisonment.1 . Barry TheplatypusGo get the traitors! Great job!39 . Deb KnightGlad you are making progress, please continue to find all those involved.12 . Jesse James CarpenterThank you to the FBI and DOJ for investigating and the countless hours put into fighting domestic terrorism16  Coffee personalized prescription mug

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