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My dislike for the this team, the hypocrisy with how the 2nd driver is treated etc is a joke.. Jake Michael. He gets paid enough to not make mistakes like turning the brakes off. It’s good to see some competition this year not just Mercedes winning every race.. What is it today. Driving an racecar to its limits by giving full throttle? Or working on an computer with an keyboard and all its errors and bugs. Get rid of all those nonsense . If this had happened to Bottas, they would have said that the car was error-proof, so he was to blame. Exactly like the 36hrs pit-stop.. Cuck move by Merc. the dude messed up and wont admit it. André Araújo. Dear F1,Stop wasting our time with those lulu posts . His little trap went wrong, he tried to fool everyone with the radio. He choked and lost a podium that was handed to him. Overrated driver. Let’s get Russel in that car. Crazy cow lady hoodie

Crazy cow lady hoodie and shirt

Crazy cow lady lady shirt

Lonesome CrowI love all racing F1 being the top genre. As a former Nascar fan I feel the sport is dying and if they do not do something to change the way the cars are designed and raced it will fade into obscurity. It really is boring and everyone is there waitin… See More . Felipe GrimanWish I could drive an F1 for a lap somewhere, it’s amazing how every driver and test driver describes it as something surreal, specially the brakes. . Top FanKyle DoyleExcellent episode per usual, well done TC and well-spoken as always Jeff! 1 . Ian BowlingDo Nascar drivers know how to turn right? . Brian PetersenTrevor Frank I think Gary Burba needs to listen, don’t you? . Krishna MehtaF1>>>>> NASCAR  . Erick ArevaloThe reason I’m into Nascar and then Motorsports overall is because of the 24 Dupont of Gordon  . Zain KhanA renowned driver is amazed, and still we have some who say NASCAR and Indycar is better   Crazy cow lady hoodie

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