Don’t tread on Texas flag


God can hill our self’s when we pray only. Thanks you for in this very mass expériment. Really??? Pharma not done any trials yet so you’re only guessing and making assumptions. Nobody with auto immune diseases where in the initial studies prior to emergency approval.. “CONSULT YOUR LOCAL DOCTOR” . BEST ADVICE.. Can I hold you personally responsible? There doesn’t seem to be anyone else if things don’t go as planned and I have a family to support. Without me they all suffer. Can there be compensation for those who have adverse reactions>. Hopefully you find the better manner of way to realease our pain and our panick suggest to be aware all the time because of this cruel kind of sickness around the world. Look how much eye blinking is going on here. Psychologists have linked this to being untruthful. Don’t tread on Texas flag PSYCHOLOGYTODAY.COM Just the Bat of an Eye Just the Bat of an Eye

Don’t tread on Texas flag

Don't tread on Texas flag - Picture 1

Tonight I got vaccinated so I’m fine thank you!!!. Thank you for the offer, but I respectfully decline the opportunity to participate in this very odd mass experiment.. If its so safe why are people dying from this poison???????????????. This is the best time to double their money…”.for corporates…” Don’t tread on Texas flag Where upto this time …there is not a proposed medicine..! But in under developed countries …with the support of ruling Government….peoples are pressing to take this costly injec… See more. Do you know that Tanzania . I haven’t seen a single “expert” takk about naturally boosting your immune system or discussing the many successful treatments used worldwide.. You need to know, don’t touch it with a barge pole, any of them. okay, well noted ….when do you’ll start the campaign against OVERWEIGHT, Diabetes ect. ???!!!!!! numbers increase extremly … Virus – special COVID 19 – can attack special these group of person…. tackling the root cause you should more focus !!!!

Don’t tread on Texas flag

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