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Patt Yeager EmmettI fear for the analytical skills of some people in this commentary. Right now the entire World is judging us by our most recent president. And people are judging FBI by one agent. I was in a position to know a few FBI agents and I certainly neve… See more19 . Sandy CurtisJim was a graduate of the FBI National Academy in 1978. That is why I have a soft spot for the FBI and all the work they do to make all of our lives safe.12 . TimandNancy HurstThere are rotten people in every corporate, government, and religious organizations. There are also very good people working very hard. It has always been this way and always will be. Quit whining all you perfect people.29 . Tricia VickersWhere is the evidence from Weiner, Clinton, & Hunters computers. Oh I guess only politically connected Democrats get a pass. You want the peoples respect end the 2 tiered justice system!135  Eagle Hunt or be hunted mug

Eagle Hunt or be hunted mug

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Yuliya BoyunThe public has lost confidence that the FBI integrity. What a shame! 17 . Alan SwannLike any organization, union, company, corporation, university, hospital…you name it, there comes a time when the sinful nature that we all are born with, can taint and infiltrate anything that was in the beginning good! Movies, television, radio, vi… See more . Jordan HauptlyI lost respect for your agency when you stole the gold that Dennis Parada and his team found and fought for rights to dig in dents run PA and you stole hundreds of millions of dollars in gold and lied about it saying there was nothing there. I hope the… See more4 . Colby ButikoferStill illegally spying on Americans then lying about it?24 . Jeremy MartinAre we backing the blue or bashing them? I can’t tell which one it is with all these red hats on here. 18 . Jimmy CainAll the Alphabet agencies are bought and paid for by Democrats. 19  Eagle Hunt or be hunted mug

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