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IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN WITH YOU THIN MINDS TO ELIMINATE THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE IN THIS UNIVERSE. We must never come out of lockdown. There are too many pandemic threats, we will have more and more if we ever return to life before COVID.. Wear a good #mask. Wear 2good #mask. Everything in God’s hand.and according to it we have to behave in our daytoday life. Each one of us individually too should take matters in own hands to avoid contamination of either the old corona or the new variant viruses. Always remember the protocol.. That day will come when this pandemic will end and we will be free in jesus’s name Amen. Apsaraji. The problem is that,we have taken God to heal and forgotten him by underleting him. Therefore we have to back and repent our sin by giving him glory not human being,I think it will be the big solution Amen Every Child Matters American flag

Every Child Matters American flag

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Sam Baluku NaabiWhen Maguire held azipilicueta in the penalty area in the first league, I didn’t see such a headline tough it was a clear penalty. Yesterday, Greenwood’s elbow rose Odoi’s hand and u claimed its a handball yet it was ball to hand_ no penalty and now u … See more . Top fanSteven DonaldsonAt times it looked like we were playing a back 6, Fred and McTominay were so deep!2 . Courtney J DwyerCan’t beat the teams in the top 6 stand no chance of even competing for the league title much less win a cup1 . Stefan CreaserWay too many back passes; has someone told them where the opposition goal is?4 . Maximus FirdausTell me what McTominus good at??? #OleOut #FlecherOut #McTominayOut #ShawOut #RashfordOut #LindelofOut #JamesOut #WengerIn get rid of that Tuanzebe and Fred as well FUFUFU . Donny OzmanFred should have extra training to improve His finishing.He gets Himself In positions and he never hits the target.1  Every Child Matters American flag

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