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Themba MambaIt was nice to see him hit the wall twice. (With no injury , no we don’t want that), but yes to the wall1 . Julia CieplakPeople saying it’s his fault are on drugs. His tyre wasn’t worn off ffs1 . Top FanLinton VickersDisappointing to see you crash but It was always Checos race that 4.6 secs was spared for you to come through so you’d gain track position….but it all prevail in the end 2 . Michael SelbyMax needs to learn when to look after his tyres. Going half a second faster than everyone else counts for nothing if you don’t finish.29 . Top FanBrandon Stephen BarbeeGutted for ya mate, you’ll get em next time though.5 . Tiinchen MartinaMay Lewis has some points to reflect on. This huge mistake at the End is maybe caused psychological. The pressure is growing… 2 . Stefano Demartinf1 drivers make mistakes, it’s more fun and unpredictable to watch rather than crymilton win every week.15  Fishing God says you are canvas

Fishing God says you are canvas

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Majdoline Halawynot everyone can finish a race on three tires , hope u’ll get there soon though 19 . Gavin JamesAwful show, Pirelli. Not a part of the vehicle that the team has control of.  . Morten Lyse PedersenIt was beyond your and the teams control. But hey, you stille led the championship!2 . Top FanMaciej NesingwaryTime to reflect for Pirelli i think.2 . Aaron GibsonBest thing for us after that was the pressure getting to Hamilton and himself forgetting to switch the magic button back on/off. 1 . Travis KerslakeFor the sake of the championship title, it would be good for those two to do a Senna-Prost Turn 1 style take-down in the next race as well.1 . Patrick HynesPirelli need to sort out the issue with tyres. 330kph crash is wild! Feel gutted for max, deserved the win1 . John AitkenheadSo lucky not to skew left like Stroll or it would’ve be a 200mph pit entry.!!  Fishing God says you are canvas

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