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Kenny HallWant help ask God. I know as FBI agents you have an oath to uphold and commandments to defend. Let God fight this battle.  . Ryan NellisSpacing out cause I figure out what to do, what to eat, and everything. It’s simple me being away from it. Quit causing problems. . Ryan NellisI’m sick of going into towns seeing someone walk a dog bothering me. I like the dog. Those things ain’t allowed to have animals. . Ryan NellisThere’s a guy that does trash in Oklahoma. The guy helped me and gave me 20 dollars. There was other people that got in with us to. . Laura WilliamsDC Mayor Muriel Bowser has a public school bribery school corruption in which myself and two children are involved as victims . Ryan NellisGot to get a new charger or phone now cause of the problems. It just doesn’t stop . Ryan NellisYou things ain’t supposed to go on vacations, travel or anything cause of the way you are towards people.  Fishing Problem solved

Fishing Problem solved shirt, hoodie and long sleeve tee

Fishing Problem solved hoodie

John SlighThis Cop Beater is going to jail, folks. I’m sure he and the others weren’t Cop Beaters before they got caught up in it. Human emotion, out of control, can be very dangerous and damaging. So sad for the families of all.11 . Jeanne CrawfordGreat job rounding up these treasonists so far, FBI. Third one from my county arrested yesterday. 41 . Bobb YatesRodney Dangerfield and Robert De Niro38 . Katherine SchultzFrom a distance, with a cap on, Clyde resembled Walter Mondale, but he was nothing like that noble public servant. No, Clyde had never volunteered for anything in his life, being far too busy tinkering with the abandoned cars in his front yard when he… See more53 . Priscilla Klaboe CastagnaTraitor tots,a national heartbreak! Thank you for your continuing efforts. Respect to all !9 . Donna Neary WangClinton wasn’t wrong when she talked about the “basket of deplorables”… these daily FBI pics prove she was spot on.38  Fishing Problem solved

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