Four Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt


Diane Egan JenkinsHow ridiculous . The real reason is that no one would show up If they held it. They would have to pay people and bus them in, perhaps bus in some of the thousands of illegals at the border. Then Jill can try to speak Spanish again and completely but… See more98 . Brian ChristopherVirtue signal much? You can do an Easter egg roll safely outdoors with children. This has more to do with keeping Biden away from people so they don’t see him fall and.trip over an egg. Covid is still a useful tool for this administration.167 . Humberto SantaMariaI bet Biden was able to hide his own eggs and not find them. 72 . Robin QuinnGlad you remembered, unlike the former guy and gal who completely forgot to order the eggs.40 . Vicky MosherI’m sure the kids at the vaccine centers enjoyed the eggs. What. No kids there?? Sounds like right on target again. 56  Four Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt

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Four Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt

Bryan CaldwellDid Biden find all his eggs that he hid, or is he still looking?34 . Mike HaganWhat is so cool is that our president can hide is own Easter eggs because 30 minutes later he has no idea where they are69 . Deborah Wall McGrawNext year it will be back, thanks to the Biden Administration.69 . Gerald MarksHe said he was in the senate for 120 years, so he was probably at the first Easter Egg Roll in 1878 67 . Jennifer WojcikThey’ll keep feeding you the fear as long as you keep swallowing it.49 . James LangleyWhen will we stop hearing about the Coronavirus start caring about the Biden blunder29 . Christopher J LonglaisWhat a shame making the vaccines and the virus all political especially on one of the holiest days of the year. Trying to push the vaccines on kids typical democrats. How about we restart building the wall and stopping the illegals from coming into th… See more34  Four Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt

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Four Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt

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