God guns and Trump flag


Luck: When opportunity meets preparation.. “Elbows were out” Congratulations to Pierre! Great to see . Can you guys make one that shows Hamilton finishing 15th that would be great. Perez, Vettel and Leclerc would be dream podium. Better than Russell and co. Formula 1 now is quite thrilling… More Vettel on podium!. What happened to Hamilton there???. I thank HAM for being a gentleman and keeping the championship alive.. What a drive!keep pushing that top step will be yours again! So happy for this guy!. What the hell just happened? . Favourite Driver On The Grid!! Super Race From Him.. Mazepin in front of Shamilton?! That’s f epic!. Come on F1 Tell us what happened with your beloved driver on turn 1.. Brian Chia. whenever there is a drama…gasly is somewhat there to grab it. Alonso: where is Hamilton? God guns and Trump flag Radio: Hamilton braked out of the race. This guy is so underrated!

God guns and Trump flag

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Antonino “dawnsson” Sammarco Where’s your hamilton now? baby boy. Hans Kuijsten. Filipe Gonçalves. Antonino “dawnsson” Sammarco God guns and Trump flag Pause GIF. Antonino “dawnsson” Sammarco you have a double opinion. Now is pirelli but in the other post was Max Crashtappen jajaja. Come on!!!. Antonino “dawnsson” Sammarco max so angry . Oh What a thrilling race!!! Heartiest Congratulations, Checo!!! Really happy for your first win at Redbull in such an enthralling race to the finish!!! Well done,my boy!!! Keep it up!!! Also Hearty Congratulations for Sebastian Vettel for a strong drive and a podium after a long time for Seb to come P2 and great drive from Pierre Gasly to pick up a podium for Alpha Tauri in P3!!! Vamos Checo!!!. Zvezdelin Ngo. Raghunandan Muralidhar. So glad to see Pierre on a podium. Was on the edge of my seat watching him and Leclerc on the last 2 laps. What an amazing top 3!. David McMillan

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