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Fred Methotwell it didn’t fail for 18 other drivers so go figure.1 . Ian ChapmanFred Methot thise drivers also got the hell off those tyres before they hit 30 laps during the Red Flag. . Top FanEd VallesNobody:Pirelly: just because and go f*** yourself. Thank you for joining us. 2 . Carl FernandesEd Valles comment of the day1 . Ana Silvia Ortega SáenzSuch situations should be regulated by the FIA, or an external auditor, to determine the cause of the failure. It seems unnappropriate to have the manufacturer evaluating themselves, and say they find nothing… It’s plain dangerous to leave this as is.Pirelli has had pretty much the same performance at other categories, such as the WRC, where the drivers have been riding in three tyres, because one couldn’t take the wearing WRC requires. – Rallye Monte-Carlo 2021: SPIN OgierWRC – Rallye Monte-Carlo 2021: SPIN Ogier47 . John KiddI read the article and I’m more confused then when I started. It’s either the tires are faulty or teams ran them out of spec. That whole thing had to be written by a lawyer.334  God jesus take my hand poster

God jesus take my hand poster

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Jason SimSo, we conducted an investigation, ourselves, into our own products and the outcome of that investigation is that “it wasn’t us”Who would’ve thought it. Big boys done it and ran away.237 . Top FanMark PettersenThat was a lot of words on Pirelli’s part to say in essence – “Not our fault.” Of course, it was their fault and the public knows it. Red Bull reaffirmed this by saying they ran the tyre within parameters and added an exclamation by saying they were … See More39 . Chris CanfieldIt’s a clear conflict of interest to have the tire manufacturer conducting the investigation. The FIA should have independent investigators for issues like this.193 . Matt HintonSeems like a right mess. However please explain to me why a investigation into a potentially faulty product was investigated by the manufacturer of that product. I understand they would of had to undertake their own investigation however the investigation should of been conducted by a independent as well. Anyway seems that some things need to be looked at around the tyres with the teams and the manufacturer of the tyres. 31  God jesus take my hand poster

God jesus take my hand poster

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