God surrounded by Cats poster


Tonight I got vaccinated so I’m fine thank you!!!. Thank you for the offer, but I respectfully decline the opportunity to participate in this very odd mass experiment.. If its so safe why are people dying from this poison???????????????. This is the best time to double their money…”.for corporates…” God surrounded by Cats poster Where upto this time …there is not a proposed medicine..! But in under developed countries …with the support of ruling Government….peoples are pressing to take this costly injec… See more. Do you know that Tanzania . I haven’t seen a single “expert” takk about naturally boosting your immune system or discussing the many successful treatments used worldwide.. You need to know, don’t touch it with a barge pole, any of them. okay, well noted ….when do you’ll start the campaign against OVERWEIGHT, Diabetes ect. ???!!!!!! numbers increase extremly … Virus – special COVID 19 – can attack special these group of person…. tackling the root cause you should more focus !!!!

God surrounded by Cats poster

God surrounded by Cats poster - Picture 1

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe.. It’s hasn’t been proven to be safe. The trial is ongoing and humanity are the guinea pigs.. Indirectly telling us that the virus doesn’t directly attack human antibodies.Needs more experiment to prove d it.success wishes. There were contraindications on an NHS website but they have since disappeared.. Both my husband and I have been vaccinated and only l had a headache after for a day. So personally I would prefer to get vaccinated than end up dead with COVID, or worse still with long COVID.. So why are different vaccines used for different countries if it is all Covid 19?. In India, covid injections r just given for the sake of giving them, can someone please do something regarding this. How can my doctor know something that has never been used before?. Nice ladies!!!, Me I am still waiting I have been classed as high risk, so you lucky ladies congrats God surrounded by Cats poster

God surrounded by Cats poster

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