God surrounded Cats angels canvas


Abuti KeaRudi as CDM to protect the back 3.Tackles well, has stamina, ability to make forward runs, calm, reads the ball well, ability to shield the ball.Jorginho is too comfortable in that position12 . Thami MhlongoToni with the juice. I am still schocked that he was about to leave because that Manager didn’t favour him, he was on the stands while we were leaking goals every week8 . Purity Bellah ChristabellBack pass master had already did what he does best7 . Ayabulela Hoks MthembuBring back Tomori as his back up, Zouma is good but his clumsy12 . Ganesh BorcarBeast mode Toniii..if all chelsea player play with the same determination we will beat man city easily……3 . Top FanCedreck MsakaGiving up is never his thing. He is a fighter. The synergy between his warrior mentality and passion allows him to be who he is: one of the best . . Prabin Raja ShresthaNew Tony, passion & determination. Tuchel has turned him into a beast.17  God surrounded Cats angels canvas

God surrounded Cats angels canvas

God surrounded Cats angels canvas - Picture 1

Muhama FundikilaI didn’t understand what he was doing there , having no control and you fight harder than you could 3 . Top FanElser MitaCan someone just enlighten me why he is wearing that mask? Is it an accessory 1 . 김관래How Brilliant! Is he really defender? . Top FanCris CrislerHe should always wear the mask!1 . Cabdullaahi SahalSolid performance in every game. Toni has been great for the past few months.  . Artemis GoldsteinIf Rudiger was allowed to have his way on Ricardo the lad will have only himself to blame.Rudeboy we need the energy on the 29th. It’s our only chance at redemption 3 . Prince PadoOne of the most improved Chelsea player this season! For me should be Chelsea player of the season 3 . Sonam ChoephelI don’t understand about importances given by Tuchal to this player ( 5 – Jorginho) . This player has no brain, tactics, strength and skills. He should be out of team, untill he gets proper brain and strength to kick. Team should give him energy drinks and milk. Still he is playing in the team after so many requests….1  God surrounded Cats angels canvas

God surrounded Cats angels canvas

God surrounded Cats angels canvas - Picture 2God surrounded Cats angels canvas - Picture 3

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