Harry Potter come in doormat


Teresa SteeleCan’t believe how this is being pushed, by Gates funded WHO. 250 . Rai MondaExperiment on people for a few years and see what happens 19 . Thea SabWhen the vaccines came from companies like Pfizer who in 2009 had to pay 2.3 billions for fraudulent marketing or from Moderna or Johnson&Johnson who till now didn’t have any vaccines done before Covid And when still people in Africa die from hun… See More48 . John HoroszkoGood luck with your narrative the shift is on and people around the world are waking up to the crimes against humanity you have committed. Just to help a few more people here are the links for Pfizer clinical trial end date. Also The data by country fo… See More331 . George Haula UmeHave these advocate Doctors been vaccinated? Please show video shots of them been vaccinated. Lead by example…15 . Allan AbramovitchI had the Pfizer shot 5 weeks ago. Didn’t grow a third armpit. No 5G. No Bill Gates. No goddamn conspiracy theories.6  Harry Potter come in doormat

Harry Potter come in doormat

Harry Potter come in doormat - Picture 1

Mario QuarantaThey’re not [email protected] guys, you are spreading disinformation aka “fake news”. Mark have a look here 32 . James BourneCan’t be doing a great job due to the 1000s deaths within a couple days of taking it that are swept under the carpet, several within 12 hours. Then there’s the rare blood clots!!! Why don’t you test the vax properly before experimenting illegally on us… See More33 . Maurice FolkardExperimental.. untested… that’s all we need to know190 . Altamiro Vieira da SilvaI do not agree in a kind of experience done in a very short time about safety of vaccines. All over the world, people are being used as a laboratorial tests.49 . Michaelyn Harrisif they use the same standard they used to warn us of the pandemic at the beginning, then we are screwed32 . John Glasswho believes WHO after they helped spread the world wide pandemic because they were protecting china50  Harry Potter come in doormat

Harry Potter come in doormat

Harry Potter come in doormat - Picture 2Harry Potter come in doormat - Picture 3

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