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If you have covid, do you still get the 2 vaccines?. TELL US IF bILL gATES HAS BECOMEA ONE MAN MEMBER STATE COUNTRY IN YOUR ORGANIZATION – WE DO NOT NEED VACCINATION TO ENRICH BIG PHARMA :::is that clear enough????. Apsaraji Home of the 4077th poster All of the WORLD CITIZENS SAFETY OURS health care and SAFETY OURS children SAFETY OURS Hands OURS HOUSES. Ive had the flu jab for 20 years, due to collapsed lungs, phemonia, pleuracy, blood clots and I’m severly allergic to hair dye and a few other things so do I need it?. Are these vaccines going to raise survival rate from 99.7% to 99.8%?. Sweet Jesus loves you and the power of medicine thankyou world health organisation Kerri anderson the seal. “COVID19 VACCINES… WHAT WE’D LIKE YOU TO BELIEVE.”. ABIG NO SINCE THE PLANS OF UN IS TO DEPOPULATE THE WORLD THROUGH THESE DEVIL’S VACCINES. VERY MISSLEADING HOWEVER I HAVE NOW WATCHED THE VIDEO AND IT CLEARLY STATES WHAT I HAVE SAID WITHOUT THE HEALTHY EATING PART

Home of the 4077th poster

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The Capital has video cameras everywhere and these people are posting videos showing crimes being committed by themselves and others , Why is anyone surprised when crimes are committed and there are possible consequences.. A number of people who burned and looted Portland and Seattle are still free let’s put at least half the effort into catching them as we are on the capital hill people what do you say just a thought. SHE LOOKS SO YOUNG AND THAT IS SO SAD THOSE ADULTS HAVE HER PUNISHMENT ON THEIR HANDS DESPICABLE SHE IS GUILTY THOUGH AND NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. She dont look like any of the cops that moved the gates for them. Nor any of the cops that stood there and watched it happen. . The FBI is involved as this insurrection to kill govt officials and take down our govt happened on federal property. Looting walmart is a private company handled by local authorities. Home of the 4077th poster

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