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Grandpa needs to retire for good.. Alonos turned out in Vettel!!!. Hold grip firmly of the sterling!!!. Shock alonso crying again. they didn’t touch, Alonso’s error…. You anyway know how to turn, press the pedals.. I dont see how that was a stupid move…. Over steer and correction put him in the line of Vettal . Toni Kouvonen. Apparently Alonso is never in the wrong.. Tensions? In the most boring GP of the season?. GP2 engine !!! . Yogesh Hire. Crying alonso . Lap 1, when vettel crashed into Bottas at the start of this GP.. Never his fault even when it’s clear . How is it a stupid move? Maybe he should defend better and quit whinging . Fernando it’s ok you will always be an inferior driver to the 4 times world champion Sebastian Vettel . So who got damage. Touch? Really?. With gravel maybe he could said more beautiful poetry Horse car sticker

Horse car sticker

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Hopefully the championship will go right down to the final race!. Verstappen’s reign is guaranteed to come after Hamilton’s retirement. For now he must settle for 2nd best, and make himself comfortable, too. One thing is certain, Lewis is still the seven time world champion, a feet that Max will never achieve at Red Bull… Lewis has won more championships than Max will have at the same age… Max has yet to win one, or even come close.. Lewis still has th… See More. Hamilton has shown that he can extract the very best out of the subpar W12.. The RB16 is super fast, so it could go down through the wire.. Max has Checo’s support, Lewis has no support whatsoever.. Bertin Engoudou. Ofcourse VERSTAPPEN will beat Hamilton and that’s for sure because we have seen Hamilton is peeing on his pants from VERSTAPPEN . Whatever happens.. The last two races showed that Hamilton without the CAR doesnt really deserve to win Horse car sticker

Horse car sticker

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