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Top FanJames NorthIt was a nice touch. checo, must still mean a lot to the engineers and mechanics at Aston.2 . Eduardo UttembergueItalian, spanish, portuguese, english, german its almost he same hahaha6 . Top FanGordon Manasek”or what ever you say to him…” love Seb 16 . James LonierI was worried we were done seeing Vettel on the podium. I was really happy to see him back there again. 2 . Top FanFrank J Blake IIIWe’ve been seeing Seb inspect other cars all season. Today he went from 11 to 2. See, kids! Do your homework!5 . Sauradip KumarWhen Seb is happy, we all are happy .24 . Blanquiita Rodriguezbasically seb on checo wishing him merry christmass in spanishPause GIFTenor4 . Juan Daniel Atristain HernándezSeb wishing Merry Christmas to Checo for winning is the best thing I’ll hear all week long8 . Eusebiu-Raul TămașWell, he’s not entirely wrong. In a way Christmas came early for Checo 73 . Mahesh NakshatraSeb..It’s your day 6  I’m a Trump girl get over it

I’m a Trump girl get over it shirt, hoodie and long sleeve tee

I'm a Trump girl get over it hoodie

Danilo BitarWhat matters is the intention7 . Gerry XuAfter he learned italian,germanNow it’s time for spanish to add in his list of languages . Top FanDeya GapiSeb is such a nice guy! 3 . Ambar BaezThe truth is that it did seem like Christmas for us Mexicans. Thanks Seb, Merry Christmas to you too2 . Billy MilbyChristmas is June. I like it. 6 . Ivona MartinezI wanna see Checo’s reaction to this. 8 . Drew PerezGotta love 5eb He’s always so eloquent whenever he speaks. . Laura WatsonSure, Feliz Navidad, doesn’t matter, we know what he tried to say. What a nice guy! 4 . Mangesh ShettigarHe meant ‘Christmas came early’ because the top two drivers dropped from the podium. You clearly don’t understand Seb that well 4 . Francisco AbundizGreat Vettel!… The most funny in F1! … For me the driver of the day! 1 . Rohit TambakheHappy Easter Seb..8 . Tommi ParkkilaHe is great, Ferrari will miss Him, everybody said, he is gone but im happy to see Him after 4 Hard years happy and free from pressures what he had in Ferrari1  I’m a Trump girl get over it

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