I’m one of the 75 million Trump flag


Daniel McSwiggenDrop Pirelli, trash tires . Stephane PeronHe forget to thank Pirelli for his job…1 . Rob ParisAparantly Hamilton had a tyre with a split in it so prob debris1 . Pràbú ÑaràinaDeeii.ammele vokke!!!.dont do drammmaa da punde..next race kkkuthiiie.kilidaaa..pundrre maxx.kammunatthhu.. . Ruben EscobarBro cheer up men take LS TOO SERIOUSLY . John MichaelsPirelli should be responsible for his loss. Stroll was the first victim.6 . Paul BoltonLast leg of my multi you clown . Top FanMatt PalmerI didn’t realise that there was so many race engineers just laying dormant waiting to give their advice on Facebook. Before you all jump on me, I’m no fan of Max, I’m just here to tell you that the majority of you clowns no Jack about racing.  . Rutger SlmnsNormal reaction. Very mature to congratulate Checo. Must have been a weird sensation, a sudden tire explosion.  . Randall PlaatjiesNo time for Pirrelli to reflect Max did absolutely nothing wrong  I’m one of the 75 million Trump flag

I’m one of the 75 million Trump flag

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Fantastic race. Makes up for the bilge of Monaco 2 weeks ago. Can we ditch Monaco and have 2 races here instead?. One of the happiest podiums you will see all year!!. Well done Checo ….!!!! Fantastic Job….!!!!. Ralf Vollmer I’m one of the 75 million Trump flag Congrats. Norris 66, Checó 69 PTS …. This begins a challenge for both, Pilots that I will follow Very attentive is what is in fashion, the current trend pleases me with Autos sin Duda …. F1.mundial. Enjoy it while it last. Very low chance but we cannot rule out Checo now as an outside contender for driver championship. If Lewis and Max come together couple of times and Checo sneaks wins and 2nd place finishes, anything is possible.. Best!! . Immaculate performance, 1st place well deserved. Hi,(anyone reading this please feel free to copy/paste an email to ‘contact us’ ) I have a request which will probably go no where but it’s worth a try… Whoever is in charge of choosing the thumbnail image for individual race replays within f1TV and for the archives needs to think about what photos to use. It is ridiculous to have images that spoil the result of the race. For example Azerbaijan 2021 you have a photo of Max Verstappen with a puncture that takes up the whole top half of the web page for the 30min replay. I’m unable to watch the race live so rely on your service to watch the replays but F1TV constantly shows spoiler images as thumbnails which ruins the whole race! The same goes for the archive page, the thumbnail for each year shows the championship winner for that year. So even before watching any races for that year you know who has one the championship. It is really dumb. This is a real problem and needs to be addressed as it 100% ruins every race weekend. I am requesting that this email gets passed up the chain and I would like a response in acknowledgement that this is a problem that needs to be addressed. Sincerely, Mark F1TV.FORMULA1.COM Formula 1

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