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Helen CaseSo, it has nothing to do with providing ‘herd immunity’!77 . Bernd ParitShould a private institution, that arbitrarily changes definitions (e.g. “pandemic” does no longer require deaths or sick people) be funded at all?13 . Les KoehnWho is responsible for the release of the virus? #askWHO14 . Liz Porter HeschongWhy don’t you finish your experiment and let us know.14 . Martin HuizingThey are more immune after infection than after a vaccination. In fact, many people are tested positive just after vaccination. 17 . Sreeman NarayanaBe..carefully..uninarsal…use..masks…stay..safe14 . Sreeman NarayanaNow..wear..a..mouthmasks..stay..be..safe…17 . Mehruk FThey don’t need to get vaccinated 18 . Mamata MazumdarMaintain social distance Use your masks Clean your hand Play GIFGIPHY23 . Sirikarn Chompoo WattanasetWho I don’t know not me I’m still personal only indentifyID10 . Mitch Ogbhow long do vaccinations last for an untested vaccination7 . Aung DinI want to register that the oppression of the military dictatorship is rampant in Burma, but let the account holder know.8  I’m your Huckleberry say when

I’m your Huckleberry say when shirt, long sleeve tee and v-neck

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Peggy Wis With a 99.97% chance of surviving Covid…& an even higher chance of surviving it a 2nd time, NO WAY!!! People are dying from the experimental Covid injections and the long-term dangers of autoimmune disease from big pharma’s experimental mRNA gen… See moreCHILDRENSHEALTHDEFENSE.ORGChildren’s Health DefenseChildren’s Health Defense169 . Teresa PierceSound advice. I wonder what the difference in antibody titer is in a person that’s had Covid disease vs a person that’s been vaccinated. So much yet to learn. 22 . John HannaI had covid already, and I would rather have it again than be injected with that garbage.78 . Greg GibbensIsn’t it precious, The world HELLth organisation still talks as though they have people’s best interest at heart.418 . Chris BeckettI will not be taking any vaccines, no healthy person should be taking it, the average age of somebody dieing is above life expectancy meaning over 80 on average, life expectancy for a man is 70 and woman 75 so you see its all load of crap.49  I’m your Huckleberry say when

Cool I’m your Huckleberry say when shirt, long sleeve tee and v-neck

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